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Welcome to AuPair World:

Thank you for coming to AuPair World, We are dedicated in providing an effortless service, for both Au pairs and Families. We are currently based in Sydney and have families in all the major cities across Australia.

AuPair World is an employment agency for au pairs located in Australia. As a cultural exchange organisation, AuPair World gives families the opportunity to host a young au pair and gives young people from different countries the opportunity to work in Australia as an au pair.

Why become a host family?
In receiving a young au pair, you are choosing the solution that allows you to enjoy both your family life and professional life in complete serenity.
For several months, you will share your family life with a reliable person who will look after your kids and help with the household duties.
A young au pair solves the eternal problem of child-care while offering all members of the family an ongoing opportunity for cultural exchange.

Because we consider the specificity of each family, we present you with a shortlist of suitable candidates, and help you to host your young au pair under the best possible conditions.

Your expectations (read more)

You'd like to host a young French au pair ?

Au pair
As an au pair, you will live with an Australian host family for several months. In exchange, you will look after the children and you will help with everyday household duties.

You'd like to work as an au pair ?

AuPair World, who are we?
Miryam Aubert is the founder of AuPair World and Au pair Australia. She works with a team, who have also experienced the difficulties in combining family life and professional life.

"As a working mother, like many people, I had to find ways to cope with my different "lives" : as a woman, as a mother, my professional life… Since I used to be an au pair myself (in Canada and the UK), I immediately chose this solution when I needed someone to look after my children.
I founded AuPair World and Au pair Australia in order to offer a service which is both flexible and tailor-made, allowing parents to enjoy their professional and family lives in complete serenity.
Young people can experience new lifestyles, discover a different culture and learn to speak a new language.
For me, cultural exchange is an important part of modern living. In an age of excellent communications, hosting an au pair or working as an au pair is a fantastic adventure on both a human and cultural point of view." Miryam Aubert

AuPair World, what kind of agency is it ?
As a cultural exchange organisation, AuPair World is the first employment agency for au pairs in Australia.

We work in close association with a network of agencies throughout the world.
We assist families from different cities and towns to find and host an au pair.

Each placement entails the following steps :

Strict selection of au pair candidates and host families thanks to our network of international partners.
Accurate definition of the family's and the young au pair's needs.
Matching up the criteria and aspirations of each party .
Providing assistance to the family and to the au pair with regard to the necessary formalities (visa, work permit, insurance, social security, language schools..).
Following the family and the au pair throughout their stay with the family.



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Headquarters Office:
Aupair World
2 Morgan Place Beaumont Hills
NSW 2155

Tel: 02 8809 9499
Mob: 0426 428 862